Prison Farming

Prison Farming

A new morning. A fresh start. A redo.

That is what our Nayi Subah (New Dawn) project is about.

We work with the local state prison authorities in Andhra Pradesh, India, to assist in the rehabilitation of inmates through herb farming. We provide them quality seeds, technical assistance and training, a steady income and a sustainable skill.

Many inmates have rural farmland in their hometowns, and this program helps to rekindle their interest in farming and rebuild their lives meaningfully.

This project is already underway in four locations; two in Andhra Pradesh – Prisoners Agriculture Colony (PAC), Anantapur and Visakhapatnam Central Jail; and two in Goa – Colvale and Sada Prisons. The success in these two locations has led us to actively dialogue and promote this initiative in state prisons across India.

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